Beach Pea Design

A Creative Design Company


About Beach Pea Design

Beach Pea Design is a communication design business based in Nova Scotia, Canada. We specialize in developing modern mobile-friendly websites for businesses, non-profit organizations and private clients in Nova Scotia and beyond on open source platforms.

Our services include:

  • Website development
  • Shared website hosting
  • Domain registration and administration
  • Website upgrades and maintenance
  • Print graphic design
  • Written content creation
  • Photography and photo editing services
  • Video and audio editing

Why Beach Pea?

At Beach Pea Design, we believe a creative environment leads to creative problem solving. We have chosen to work from Cape Breton Island where the beauty of the Atlantic coast inspires and challenges us to find innovative ways of sustaining ourselves and supporting our community. In this way, we felt the description of this lovely little plant fitting to our endeavors:

“Beach-pea grows in ocean-side sand dunes from NewFoundland south to New Jersey and along the shores of Lake Champlain and the Great Lakes. The species is quite tenacious, flourishing in the dynamic, arid, and saline environment typical along the Atlantic coast. Beach-pea develops a deep, expansive root system that provides stabilization to the ever-shifting sands of the dune ecosystem.”

We also love to have our toes in the sand and balance out hard work with enjoyment of island life…often at a local beach!


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