Beach Pea Design

Helping independent business owners and non-profit organizations manage their online presence and visual identity. We create mobile-friendly, responsive websites and other visual and print communication products. 


Our Services Are Designed To Be:


Mobile-friendly design is top of mind to our team. We work hard to ensure your design products perform across modern devices.


Your website is the base of your online activities. It needs to interact with social media platforms, payment gateways, newsletter providers and more.


We are committed to you, our client. We are available and ready to help you when you need support or to move forward with new dreams.

Winner of 2015 Women In Business Communications Award

Jessica Klein of Beach Pea Design was honoured to accept the 2015 Women in Business Communications Award, sponsored by the Cape Breton Post and presented by Business Cape Breton.


Projects by Beach Pea Design

Homepage for the Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation's Website

Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation

The Northside/Harbourview Hospital Foundation was wanting to re-invent their website to tell the story of the important work they do in a more compelling and personal way. They also wanted the site to work well on mobile devices, promote their monthly giving program and encourage online donations. We designed a website that highlights personal donor and patient stories.

FireHouse Ironworks

Beach Pea Design developed a responsive website with an online shop, workshop registrations, and portfolio for this progressive blacksmith shop.

Proud To work With

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We believe in creativity and balance. At Beach Pea Design we strive to conduct our business in ways that strengthen our community, nurture respectful and healthy client relationships and in a manner that is in tune with our environment.
We believe in working efficiently and effectively while allowing for creativity, inspiration and physical, mental and emotional balance for our team members. We also love to have our toes in the sand and balance out hard work with enjoyment of island life…often at a local beach!

Why Beach Pea?

We felt the description of this lovely little plant fitting to our endeavors:
“Beach-pea grows in ocean-side sand dunes from NewFoundland south to New Jersey. The species is quite tenacious, flourishing in the dynamic, arid, and saline environment typical along the Atlantic coast. Beach-pea develops a deep, expansive root system that provides stabilization to the ever-shifting sands of the dune ecosystem.”